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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this site. The International School, Ibadan, being the oldest and foremost secondary school in South Western Nigeria, has contributed immensely to human capital development not only in Nigeria, Africa but the world over. Men and women who have passed through this great citadel of learning are occupying responsible positions in virtually all professions and can all be found in major countries of the world.

The International School Ibadan, is a multi-racial, liberal, personalized, enquiring and result oriented school pioneered by Samuel David Snell, a British, in October 1963 and with a curricular visibly felt from six cardinal points which stand out as the appealing qualities for the school on her products. These principles include:

  1. greater emphasis on cultural values than on physical prowess in a co-educational setting;
  2. a sense of humility and friendliness;
  3. close interpersonal relationship between students and teachers;
  4. a strong bias for nature study;
  5. amphitheatre sealing arrangement at assemblies; and
  6. an avowed addiction to music


Some of these qualities might explain sound features or characteristics of past and present students, teaching and non-teaching staff and performance of the school in various fields.

ISI, as we are popularly known, is not just an ordinary secondary school. It is a school where excellence is our watchword. People may ask what is so special about ISI.

Let me quote the words of one of our foundation students, Ward Abroski (Polish), a Form 2 (Grade 8) student in 1963/64 academic session:

‘We feel the purpose of our school is not so much to provide formal teaching as to create an atmosphere where there is a close relationship between students of many countries. Of course, we are trying to build up high academic standards and have a very good faculty to help us; but perhaps more importantly, we are trying to show that by working, playing and living together, students of various backgrounds and upbringing can contribute towards a community where they can live peacefully and with mutual respect and liking’.

 In ISI, teachers strive to inculcate competence and develop creative minds in the students. This to a large extent has continually contributed to students’ achievement and excellent performance.

For most parents in this part of the world, and many a 10 year old, ISI is the most sought–after secondary school. As you browse through our site to see our unique features, I cannot but wish you a most pleasant and educative moment.


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