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We thank the Almighty God for the grace to conclude this half term successfully. We also appreciate the cooperation of our parents/guardians and pray God will continue to bless them.

Mid-Term Package

a. Newsletter to Parents/Guardians

b. Stint Report Sheet

Meeting with SSS2 Parents/Guardians

The management wishes to invite the parents/guardians of all SSS2 students to a crucial meeting shortly after the mid-term break. The date for the meeting will be communicated through the students and via the school’s NewsApp.

The School Promotion Criteria

Parents/Guardians are advised to continuously charge their children/wards to strive towards meeting up with the school promotion criteria so as to earn promotion to the next class. New students are particularly advised to take note of the promotion criteria:

· SSS classes: 5 credits including English Language, Mathematics and three combinable subjects.

· JSS classes: 7 credits including English Language and Mathematics

The minimum credit pass is 50% and the school has a standard policy on this. Parents/Guardians are advised to take note of these requirements and encourage their children/wards to study to achieve academic excellence.

School Rules and Regulations

This is to remind all parents/guardians and students that The International School is a cosmopolitan, non-religious and secular school with its own rules and regulations. All parents/guardians are requested to once again read the rules and regulations as provided on the website www.isi.ui.edu.ng.

2019/2020 Entrance Examination

This is to inform prospective candidates (WHO MUST BE 10 YEARS OLD BY 31 DECEMBER, 2019) seeking admission to JSS1 at The International School, University of Ibadan, Ibadan for the 2019/2020 academic session that the sale of entrance application has commenced since Monday, 24 December, 2018.

Method of Application

Admission forms are obtainable online at the school admission portal (www.admissions.isi.ui.edu.ng) as follows:

a. Select the appropriate button (O-Level Admission) to proceed to the payment page

b. Make a payment of non-refundable application fee of N7,500.00

c. Enter the student’s details and click pay

d. Proceed to the online payment provider (SAANAPAY or INTERSWITCH)

e. Select the payment channel you want (Credit/Debit Cards or cash at bank) and follow with other steps to complete your payment


g. Log in with your e-mail address as username and password provided on the PAYMENT STATUS PAGE

h. Complete the application form on-line and print two copies of the submitted application forms

i. Parents should keep a copy and the second copy should be brought to the examination centre by the candidate as entry ticket into the examination hall.


· Candidates must provide a functional e-mail

· Candidates must not be less than 10 years by 31 December, 2019

Application fee: N7,500.00

Examination dates:

Ø ABUJA: Saturday 13 April, 2019

Ø LAGOS: Saturday 13 April, 2019

Ø IBADAN: Saturday 13 April, 2019

Application closing date: Saturday 13 April. 2019

Examination venues:

Ø ABUJA: ChamCity CBT Centre, Suite BO2, Statement House, Plot 1002, First Avenue by Federal High Court, Central Business District Abuja (Opposite Adamawa House)

Ø LAGOS: Speedwriting House, 16, Ajanaku Street, Off Salvation Bus Stop, Awuse Estate, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos.

Ø IBADAN: University of Ibadan Distance Learning CBT Centre, Ajibode, Sasa-Road, Off U.I.,Ojoo, Ibadan.

Time: 9.00 a.m.

For more details please contact: 08060226663


· Hardcopies of past questions are also available in the school for interested candidates at the rate of ₦1000:00 only.

· Candidates with double registration shall be disqualified.

Payment of School Fees

Parents/Guardians are to note the following:

a. School fees for 2nd Term 2018/2019 session are as follows:

JSS1 and JSS2, and SSS1 and SSS2: Staff: ₦58,000.00Non-Staff: ₦78,000.00

These are to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2005514731;

b. Boarding Form fees: ₦500.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No: 2017816821

c. Boarding fee: ₦120,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2002142106 or Stanbic IBTC Bank Account No. 0026085901

d. Boarding Supervision fee: ₦2,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2017593645

e. Boarder Lesson fee JSS 1-3 (N10,200.00) and SSS 1-2 (N12,700.00) to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2017593645;

f. ICT fee: ₦8,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2017816821. This fee is optional and is meant to be paid by parents who want their ward(s) to be part of the extra tuition (tutorials) in programmes like Microsoft Word, Adobe, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw, and so on;

g. All original duplicate bank teller(s) are to be forwarded to the school for the issuance of receipts. Scanned copies or photocopies are not acceptable;

h. Parents interested in online payment can do so. For such payments, please ensure that the narration of payment includes the name and class of your child and the purpose of the lodgement e.g. James Akintunde, JSS2A: School fees Ishola Oladeji, JSS2B: Boarding fees

The payment report/cyber receipt which will be generated online should be saved and sent as an attachment to [email protected]. The payment will be acknowledged by the issuance of receipt, which concerned parents can pick up from the Accounts Unit of the school.

i. All JSS3 students are expected to have made full payment of requisite fees at the beginning of the academic session, as a matter of school policy. Any JSS3 student, who is still indebted to the school, shall not be presented for any external examination.

As a matter of policy, fee-defaulting students will not be allowed passage into the school premises on school resumption.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

The IGCSE classes have commenced. Interested students in SSS2 and SSS3 should plan to register for the forthcoming May examinations. Parents who desire to avail their wards of this opportunity are to call Mr E.T. Ayodele on 08055471527 for further enquiries.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Registration for SAT has commenced and classes are ongoing. Interested parents are to contact Mr. D. Akinsooto on 08034817088 or Mr. O. O. Ogunfowokan on 08065913752.

Cambridge ‘A’ Level Programme

The Cambridge ‘A’ Level programme is on course. Admission is available for candidates with a minimum of five combinable ‘O’ Level credits (including English Language and Mathematics) and a minimum of C6 in each of the candidate’s combinable subjects. For more details, contact F. O. Oluwatope on 08069280164 or 08055060216.

Early Morning and Afternoon Classes for SSS1 and SSS2 Classes

Extension classes for the SSS1 and SSS2 students will continue upon resumption from the mid-term break. In view of this, all senior school students are expected to resume for early morning classes in school at 7AM. Afternoon classes shall commence at 3PM. Parents/Guardians are to note that these classes are a part of regular classes. Students who fail to attend may be at a disadvantage, since topics treated in these classes will not be repeated, except during revision classes. Hence, parents/guardians should please support this arrangement and ensure their children/wards attend.

Registration of 2019 Basic Education Certificate Examination (JSS3 BECE)

The registration of JSS3 students for BECE is in progress. The registration fee of N6,000.00 is to be paid into First Bank IGR Account No: 2017816821. Deadline for the registration is 11th March, 2019. Please note that school fees debtors would not be registered for the examination and late registration would attract extra fee of N10,000.00 from the examining body.

Student Disciplinary Committee Investigation Report

Some students flouted the school rules and regulations. These students faced the school’s Internal Student Disciplinary Committee and certain recommendations were made. The recommendations have been carried out already.








Adelola Ademola


Slapping a Junior student.


Two weeks suspension and six (6) strokes of the cane on the assembly


Etim Emmanuel


Allegedly bullied a JSS 1 boy called Bamkole Tobi in the hostel and then in school he beat, harassed and extorted money from him


To be de-boarded and go on 2 weeks suspension. The boy with his parents were invited to see the Counsellor


Sotomi Daniel


Caught throwing explosives (bangers) in the school premises


Two weeks suspension and 6 strokes of the cane on the Assembly Ground


Adegbola Kunmi


He was caught with some explosives (bangers) in the school premises


2 weeks suspension and 4 strokes of the cane on the Assembly Ground


Abioro Al-Amin


Caught cheating in an exam hall


To repeat the class (SSS1) in 2019/20 academic session


Ayangbaro Vanessa


Caught cheating in an exam hall


To repeat the class (SSS1) in 2019/20 academic session


Immanuel-Daniel Adefisan Mogunsegalo


He was bullied by some SS 3 students


Advised to be polite to seniors, to see the school Counsellor


Oladipupo Funmilade


He bullied a JS 1 Student named Adefisan Immanuel


Should be verbally warned and to see the school counsellor


Kazeem Gbonjubola


He bullied a JS 1C student named Adefisan Immanuel


Should be verbally warned and to see the school counsellor


Kayode-Ajibola Segunfunmi


He bulled a JS 1C student named Adefisan Immanuel


Should be verbally warned and to see the school counsellor


Bankole Ayoyinka


He bulled a JS 1C student named Adefisan Immanuel


Should be verbally warned and to see the school counsellor

UTME Coaching and School Lesson

Parents/Guardians who have not paid the coaching fee of their children/wards who are participating in the ongoing UTME coaching or school lesson should do so immediately to avoid sanctions by the school.

Late-coming to school by day students

Some students still come late to school, in spite of the continuous sensitization against this. All students are expected to be in school latest 8:00AM and be part of the daily morning assembly.

We have discovered that the late-coming of students to school is mostly caused by parents. Consequently, we plead with parents who bring their children to school daily to be alive to this responsibility and ensure they drop them in school early.

Student’s Dress Code (School uniform and shoes; house wears for boarders)

In spite of continuous admonition to parents/guardians to sew new sets of uniforms for their children/wards at the beginning of each session, it is disheartening to note that many of our students are in school with uniforms and house wears they have outgrown. We have been sending such students home (day students) while boarders are not allowed in classes until parents/guardians make replacements. Girls’ gowns should not be tight-fitting and should cover their knees while boys’ shorts should be in the range of the knee cap. Senior boys are not permitted to come to school in jeans or tightly-sewn trousers otherwise known as ‘pencil’. The recommended colour of shoes is black; no other colour is allowed. The sole of shoes should be black as well. Only white and black pairs of socks are allowed. Ankle socks are not allowed. Shoes should be flat and not high-heeled. Boots are not allowed. Shoes and socks that do not conform to the school rules and regulations will be confiscated. Boys’ haircut should be very low and even. Other styles of haircut apart from this are not allowed in school. Students should be properly dressed in accordance to the rules and regulations of the school.

Electronic Gadgets in School

In spite of repeated warnings to our students to desist from bringing electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets, laptop computers and so on to school, a handful of the students still bring them. This is a reminder to parents that the school will not return any seized gadget. The seized items will be donated during Charity Programme to the less privileged.

Boarder’s Pocket Money

Boarders are not allowed to keep their pocket money in the hostels. All pocket money should be deposited into the IGR Account No. 2017816821 and the tellers or cyber receipt (if payment is made online) should be tendered at the Accounts office of the school.

The ISI Mobile NewsApp

All school related information can be found on ISI NewsApp. Parents/guardians should cultivate the habit of regularly checking this App to keep abreast of developments in the school. The NewsApp can be downloaded on the school website (www.isi.ui.edu.ng).

Important Dates

Mid Term Break - Friday 22nd and Monday 25th February, 2019

SSS3 Mock Examination - 19th February – 12th March, 2019

March Visiting Day - 16th March, 2019

Second Term Examination - 25th March – 5th April, 2019

Vacation - 12th April, 2019

Entrance Examination - 13th April, 2019

Resumption for 3rd term - 7th May, 2019

Boarders resume - 5th and 6th May, 2019

Day students resume - 7th May, 2019


The principal and the school management wish to reassure all parents/guardians that we are fully committed to the realisation of the mission and vision of ISI.

Long live ISI!


Phebean O. Olowe