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We thank the Almighty God for the grace to conclude this half term successfully. We also appreciate our parents/guardians for their continuous support and pray God will continue to bless them.

Mid-Term Package

a. Newsletter to Parents/Guardians

b. Stint Report Sheet

The School Promotion Criteria

For emphasis, parents/guardians are to note the following promotion criteria:

· SS Art students: 5 credits including English Language, Mathematics and any three of the following subjects: Lit-in-Eng; Government; History; IRS/CRS; Visual Art/Music/French; Yoruba; Igbo; Hausa; Biology; Geography and Economics.

· SS Commercial students: 5 credits including English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any two of the following subjects: Financial Account; Commerce; Government; Geography; Biology and Visual Art.

· SS Science students: 5 credits including English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and any of the following subjects: Biology; Geography; Economics; Further Maths; Technical Drawing; Agricultural Science; Food and Nutrition and Visual Art.

· JS students: 7 credits including English Language and Mathematics.

The minimum credit pass is 50% and the school has a standard policy on this. Parents/Guardians are advised to take note of these requirements and encourage their children/wards to study to achieve academic excellence.

Registration for 2019 WAEC GCE (Nov/Dec)

This is to inform all parents/guardians of our SSS2 students that registration for the above-named examination has commenced. Interested parents are to pay the sum of N16,000.00 only at the account department. For more information on this, please call Mr Akintunde, the vice principal (Senior School), on 08033951775. ISI will be the examination centre of all our students and other candidates who register with us.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Registration for SAT has commenced and classes are ongoing. Interested parents are to contact Mr. Akinsooto D. on 08034817088 or Mr. Ogunfowokan O.O. on 08065913752 for more information.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

The IGCSE classes have commenced. Interested students in SSS2 should plan to register for the forthcoming May examinations. Parents who desire to avail their wards of this opportunity are to call Mr E.T. Ayodele on 08055471527 for further enquiries.

Cambridge ‘A’ Level Programme

The Cambridge ‘A’ Level programme is on course. Admission is available for candidates with a minimum of five combinable ‘O’ Level credits (including English Language and Mathematics) and a minimum of C6 in each of the candidate’s combinable subjects. For more details, contact F.O. Oluwatope on 08069280164 or 08055060216 or visit admissions.isi.ui.edu.ng

Early Morning and Afternoon Classes for SSS1 and SSS2 Classes

Extension classes for the SSS1 and SSS2 students will continue upon resumption from the mid-term break. In view of this, all senior school students are expected to resume for early morning classes in school at 7AM. Afternoon classes shall commence at 3PM. Parents/Guardians are to note that these classes are a part of regular classes. Students who fail to attend may be at a disadvantage, since topics treated in these classes will not be repeated, except during revision classes. Hence, parents/guardians should please support this arrangement and ensure their children/wards attend.

Late-coming to school by day students

Some students still come late to school, in spite of the continuous sensitisation against this. All students are expected to be in school latest 8:00AM and be part of the daily morning assembly.

We have discovered that the late-coming of students to school is mostly caused by parents.Consequently, we plead with parents who drop their children in school daily to be alive to this responsibility and ensure they drop them in school early.

Student’s Dress Code (School uniform and shoes; housewears for boarders)

In spite of continuous admonition to parents/guardians to sew new sets of uniforms for their children/wards at the beginning of each session, it is disheartening to note that many of our students are in school with uniforms and house wears they have outgrown. We have been sending such students home (day students) while boarders are not allowed in classes until parents/guardians make replacements. Girls’ gowns should not be tight-fitting and should cover their knees while boys’ shorts should be in the range of the knee cap. Senior boys are not permitted to come to school in jeans or tightly-sewn trousers otherwise known as ‘pencil’. The recommended colour of shoes is black; no other colour is allowed. The sole of shoes should be black as well. Only white and black pairs of socks are allowed.Ankle socks are not allowed. Shoes should be flat and not high-heeled. Boots are not allowed. Shoes and socks that do not conform to the school rules and regulations will be confiscated. Boys’ haircut should be very low and even. Other styles of haircut apart from this are not allowed in school. Students should be properly dressed in accordance withrules and regulations of the school.

Electronic Gadgets in School

In spite of repeated warnings to our students to desist from bringing electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets, laptop computers and so on to school, a handful of our students still bring them. This is a reminder to parents that the school will not return any seized gadget. The seized items will be donated during Charity Programme to the less privileged.

The ISI Mobile NewsApp

All school related information can be found on ISI NewsApp. Parents/guardians should cultivate the habit of regularly checking this App to keep abreast of developments in the school. The NewsApp can be downloaded on the school website (www.isi.ui.edu.ng).

2019 Leadership and Citizenship Training

Enrolment for the above-named training at the sea school, Apapa, Lagos for our school prefects and interested SSS1 and SSS2 students has commenced. Each student is to pay N30,000.00 only to ISI IGR account No. 2017816821 at First Bank and present the teller to ISI Account Office for issuance of receipt. The deadline for the payment is 30 June, 2019. The training starts 23 July, 2019 and ends 31 June, 2019. For more information, call Mr Ogundoro on 08060226663 or Mr Adigun on 08056066351.

Third Term Planned Excursion

This is to inform our parents/guardians of an international, eight-day trip to UAE (Dubai) at the cost of N750,000.00 only or an eight-day trip to the UK at the cost of ₤2,800. The money covers pre-travel expenses, grand travels, return flight ticket, tour fee, medical, hotel accommodation, transportation and visa processing amongst others.

The fee should be paid into the First Bank account number 2020220376, with account name Salpen enterprises on or before 20 June, 2019. For more information, contact Mr Adeleke on 08037164643.


Fifty (50) copies of the book, “Dream and Achieve” and about two hundred(200) copies of the book, “The Nigerian Dream” were donated to the school by the author and alumnus of the school, Kola Olutimehin (a member of the ’83 set of this school). Copies of the “The Nigerian Dream”, a motivational book, will be given to some of our awardees at the Valedictory Service on 16 July, 2019.

In a bid to ensure our students have access to the best public convenience, the 1983 set of this school renovated the toilets of the school main building. This donation will definitely make the environment more conducive for our students. On behalf of the entire staff, I appreciate the alumni of this school for keeping in touch with their alma mater and also doing all they can to ensure the vision and mission statements of this school are realised.

An SSS2D student of this school, Ademikanra Adedamola, donated four copies of the book, “Effective English for Senior Secondary School” by Montgomery, Okebukola and Bisong. The school receives these donations with immense appreciation.

Dates to Note

Mid-Term Holiday - 13 and 14 June, 2019

June Visiting Day - 15 June, 2019

Lola Marinho Award - 20 June, 2019

Third Term Examination begins - 10 July, 2019

Valedictory Service - 16 July, 2019

July Visiting Day - 20 July, 2019

Third Term Examination ends - 23 July, 2019

Speech and Thanksgiving Day - 29 July, 2019

Vacation - 30 July, 2019


The principal and the school management wish to reassure all parents/guardians that we are fully committed to the realisation of the mission and vision of ISI.

Long live ISI!


Phebean O. Olowe