Items for Boarding House


1. Boarding form – ₦500 to be paid into the designated account

2. Receipt of boarding fee and tuition

3. House wears (4 gowns for girls) (3 deep blue shirts and 3 grey trousers for boys)

4. Sunday wears (2 white dresses/skirts & blouse for girls) (2 pairs of white trousers & shirts for boys)

5. 2 bed sheets (blue or pink) & (2 pillow cases)

6. 2 towels

7. 2 night dress/pyjamas

8. Underwears: (7 boxers, 7 underwear & 7 socks for boys) (10 pants, 4 underskirts, 7 socks & 5

bra for girls)

9. 2 Black pantyhose for night prep.

10. 4 sets of school uniform for both boys and girls. (Girls uniform should be loose, long and not tight fitting. They should be 4inches below the knee, Slits are not allowed. The uniforms and housewears should be round-necked. Boys shott/knickers whould be of knee-length. Trousers should not be tight or penciled)

11. 5 pairs of while socks (Ankle socks are not allowed)

12. Covering apparel at night (2 no.)

13. Cardigan (blue) (1 no.)

14. Blanket (1 no.)

15. Sports wear 2nos. (2 shorts & 2 shirts)

16. Bathroom slippers (2nos), black shoes (2 nos.) (boots are not allowed) (2 nos. sandal/sandaless/fancy slippers to be worn after school and on Sundays

17. Padlock for lockers and key holders (2 nos.)

18. Electric kettle (1 no.) (3 pins)

19. Iron (1 no.) (3 pins)

20. 21/2 Mattress (1) and pillow (1)

21. 1 rechargeable lamp (without cassette player, and 1 torch light)

22. Bathing soap and washing detergent (as required)

23. 2 plastic buckets with cover & 1 small washing bowl

24. 12 clothe hangers and 12 pegs

25. Provisions - Indomie or wine not allowed

26. Cup, bowl, plate and cutlery

27. Mosquito net (treated one is recommended and is compulsory)

28. 1 big bottle of Dettol

29. 8 nos soft toilet rolls for the term

30. Sanitary pads for girls

31. Raincoat or small unmbrella (if preferred)

32. 1 no. mufti for the 1st Term out-of-uniform day

33. Bible or Quran

34. A wrist watch and a small alarm table clock

35. Barbing clipper for boys (compulsory)

Ø No phone (handsets) or any other electronic gadget

Ø No boiling rings

Ø 5 hair packers are enough for girls and no jewelries, please

Ø Drugs (if any) should be submitted to houseparent on resumption

Parents are to ensure compliance with the following:

1. The student’s full name should be written on all items, to guard against mix-up or loss.

2. All items are to be presented at the checking point, and only students cleared will be allowed passage into the hostel.