Today, Friday, December 15, 2017, marks the end of the First Term (2017/2018) session. We thank the Almighty for His Grace and protection over us throughout the session.

End-of-Term Package

Included in the package given to each student, are the following items:

i. End-of-Session Report Sheet;

ii. Marked Examination Scripts;

iii. Newsletter to Parents

2018/2019 Entrance Examination

This is to inform prospective candidates (WHO MUST BE 10 YEARS OLD BY 30 SEPTEMBER, 2018) seeking admission to JS1 at The International School, University of Ibadan, Ibadan for the 2018/2019 academic session that the sale of entrance application would commence on Monday, December 18, 2017.

Method of Application

Admission forms are obtainable online at the school admission portal (www.admission.isi.ui.edu.ng) as follows:

a. Select the appropriate bottom (O-Level Admission) to proceed to the payment page

b. Make a payment of non-refundable application fee of N7,500.00

c. Enter the student’s detail and click pay

d. Proceed to the online payment provider (SAANAPAY or INTERSWITCH)

e. Select the payment channel you want (Credit/Debit Cards or cash at bank) and follow with other steps to complete your payment


g. Log in with your e-mail address as username and password provided on the PAYMENT STATUS PAGE

h. Complete the application form on-line and print two copies of the submitted application forms

i. Parents should keep a copy and the second copy should be brought to the examination centre by the candidate as entry ticket into the examination hall.


§ Candidates must provide a functional e-mail

§ Candidates must not be less than 10 years by 30 September, 2018

Application fee: N7,500.00

Examination dates:

Ø ABUJA: Saturday 7 April 2018

Ø LAGOS: Saturday 14 April 2018

Ø IBADAN: Saturday 21 April 2018

Application closing date: Saturday 21 April 2018

Examination venues:

Ø ABUJA: ChamCity CBT Centre, Suite BO2, Statement House, Plot 1002, First Avenue by Federal High Court, Central Business District Abuja (Opposite Adamawa House)

Ø LAGOS: Speedwriting House, 16, Ajanaku Street, Off Salvation Bus Stop, Awuse Estate, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos.

Ø IBADAN: University of Ibadan Distance Learning CBT Centre, Ajibode Sasa-Road, Off U.I. , Ojoo, Ibadan.

Time: 9.00 a.m.

For more details please contact: 08060226663


§ Hardcopies of past questions are also available in the school for interested candidates at the rate of ₦1000:00 only

§ Candidates with double registration shall be disqualified

Payment of School Fees

Parents/Guardians are to note the following:

a) School fees for the 2nd Term 2016/2017 session are as follows:

JS1 & JS2, and SS1 & SS2: Staff: ₦58,000.00 Non-Staff: ₦78,000.00

These are to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2005514731;

b) Boarding Form fees: ₦500.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No: 2017816821

c) Boarding fee: ₦120,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2002142106;

d) Boarding Supervision fee: ₦2,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2017593645;

e) Boarder Lesson fee JS 1-3 (N10,200.00) and SS 1-2 (N12,700.00) to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2017593645;

f) ICT fee: ₦8,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2017816821. This fee is optional and is meant to be paid by parents who want their ward(s) to be part of the extra tuition (tutorials) in programmes like Microsoft Word, Adobe, Dreamweaver, Coreldraw, etc;

g) All original duplicate bank teller(s) are to be forwarded to the school for the issuance of receipts. Scanned copies or photocopies are not acceptable;

h) Parents interested in online payment can do so. For such payments, please ensure that the narration of payment includes the name and class of your child and the purpose of the lodgement e.g. Akinlade Qudus, JS2A: School fees Akanmu David, JS2B: Boarding fees

The payment report/cyber receipt which will be generated online, should be saved and sent as an attachment to isiaccountscps@yahoo.com. The payment will be acknowledged by the issuance of receipt, which concerned parents can pick up from the Accounts Unit of the school.

i) All JS3 and SS3 students are expected to have made full payment of requisite fees at the beginning of the academic session, as a matter of school policy. Any JS3/SS3 student who is still indebted to the school, shall not be presented for any external examination.

As a matter of policy, fee- defaulting students will not be allowed passage into the school premises on school resumption. Parents/Guardians are, therefore, advised to pay up their children’s school fees during the school vacation to prevent the avoidable ‘embarrassment’ they are subjected to in the school as a result of non-payment of requisite fees. In doing this however, we enjoin parents/guardians to write the name of the child on the bank teller, as depositor, and not the name of the parent/guardian or emissary, please. This is because school records only recognize student’s names.

Cambridge ‘A’ Level Programme

Admission into the programme is on-going. Interested parents are to contact 08060226663 for further details.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

The IGCSE classes commences in January 2018. Interested students in SS2 and SS3 can plan to register for the forthcoming May examinations. Registration for this would start mid-January through mid-February 2018. Parents who desire to avail their wards of this opportunity are to call Mr. O.O Ogunwande on 08038560040 for further enquiries. Also, the school has begun the SAT classes for interested students who desire to study in USA.

The School Promotion Criteria

SS classes: 5 credits including English Language and Mathematics

JS classes: 7 credits including English Language and Mathematics

A credit grade is a minimum of 50%. Parents are enjoined to continually charge their wards to strive towards meeting up with these criteria so as to earn promotion to the next class.

UTME Coaching

UTME Coaching will commence on 10th January 2018. The time-table is already on the notice board. The coaching fee is ₦4,000.00 per subject with an application fee of ₦500.00 per candidate. Candidates are expected to pay before attending classes.

Late-coming to school by day students

Some students still come late to school, in spite of the continuous sensitization to this. All students are expected to be in school latest 8:00am and be part of the daily morning assembly.

We have discovered that the late-coming of students to school is mostly caused by parents.

Consequently, we plead with parents who drop their children in school daily to be alive to this responsibility and ensure they drop them in school, timely.

Season’s Greetings from the Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association – Barr. K.O.O Olaniyan.

On behalf of the entire members of the PTA, we send season’s greetings to all our dear parents/guardians and wish everyone the best of the season and a glorious 2018. We look forward to our meeting with all parents in the coming 2nd Term, by His Grace. Details will be communicated later. We also thank all parents/guardians for your support in the outgoing year and pray that God will continue to bless you all.

2018 School Excursion Programme

Details of our educational tours/excursion programme for the session is as follows:


Closing Date for Registration


Proposed period

Discover Dubai (City of Gold)

31 January, 2018

7 days

2nd & 3rd Terms Vacation

South Africa

31 January, 2018

9 days

2nd & 3rd Terms Vacation

Paris, France

31 January, 2018

10 days

August 2018


31 March, 2018

7 days

Late July 2018

Camp Beaumont, UK

31 March, 2018

2 weeks

August 2018

Disney World, Orlando, Florida

31 March, 2018

2 weeks

August 2018

Lakefield Camp, Canada

31 March, 2018

2 weeks

August 2018

Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy

31 March 2018

7 days

August 2018

Domestic Tours:

Idanre Hills, Obudu Cattle ranch/Tinapa, Calaba cruise,

31 March 2018

7 days

2nd & 3rd Terms Vacation

Badagry, Lagos State and Aboekuta, Ogun State.

15 February 2018

3 days

2nd mid-term

West Africa

Gambia & Senegal

30 March 2018

10 days

End of 2nd term

Benin, Togo & Ghana

30 March 2018


End of 2nd term

For further details on excursion, parents can please contact Mr. Ogundoro on 08060226663.

Student’s Dress Code (School uniform and shoes, housewears for boarders)

In spite of our repeatedly admonishing parents/guardians to sew a new set of uniforms for the children at the beginning of a new session, it is disheartening to note that many of our students are in school with uniforms and housewears they have overgrown. These will no longer be permitted. We have been sending such students home (if day students) while boarders will not be allowed in classes until parents make replacements. Girl’s gowns should not be tight-fitting should cover their knees while boy’s nickers should be at the beginning of the knee cap. The senior boys are not permitted to come to school in jeans or tightly-sewn trousers otherwise known as pencil. The recommended colour of shoes is pure black without any other colour, even white. The sole of shoes should be black as well. Only white socks are allowed. Ankle socks are not allowed. Shoes should be flat and not high-heeled or bogus. Boots are not allowed. Shoes and socks which do not conform will be confiscated.

Boarder’s pocket money

Boarders are not allowed to keep their pocket money in the hostels. All pocket money should be deposited into the IGR Account No. 2017816821 and the tellers or cyber receipt (if payment is made online) should be tendered at the Account office of the school.

Visits to Homes

The 2017/2018 visits to homes by the Charity Committee members and some students successfully took place on Monday 13th November 2017. The items and funds that were raised during the last Charity Walk were donated to the following homes;

1. Moniya Rehabilitation Home

2. School for the Handicapped, Ijokodo near WAEC Office

3. He Careth Orphanage/Motherless Home

Seminar for Boarders

A seminar was organized for the Boarders on Tuesday, 7th November 2017 to improve their performance. The seminar topic was ‘Academic Goal- Setting as tool for distraction Management’. The seminar was facilitated by Prof. I.A. Nwazuoke.

Calendar of Activities for the 2nd Term 2017/2018 Academic Session

Duration of the 2nd Term: 13 weeks (Tuesday, 9 January – Friday, 6 April 2018)

Sunday, 7 & Monday, 8 January 2018: Boarders resume

Tuesday, 9 January 2018: Day students resume/Classes begin

Thursday, 15 February 2017: School closes for the mid-term break

Friday, 16 Monday 19 February 2018: Mid-Term Break

Tuesday, 20 February 2018: Classes resume after the mid-term break

Tuesday, 20 February 2018: SS3 Mock Examination begins

PTA Congress Meeting: Date to be communicated later

Monday, 19 – Friday, 30 March 2018: 2nd Term Examination

Friday, 6 April 2018: Distribution of Student’s Reports/School Vacates

Sunday 29 April & Monday, 30 April 2018: Boarders resume for the 3rd Term

Wednesday, 2 May 2018: Opening Assembly/Classes Begin for the 3rd Term

The school management wishes our parents and guardians the best of the season and the year 2018.

Phebean O. Olowe