First Term Newsletter 2016/2017 Session

Friday, 16 December 2016


Many thanks to the Almighty for granting us the grace to conclude the term well. We also thank all parents for your continued co-operation. 

End-of-Term Package

Included in the package given to each student, are the following:

i.          End- of Term report sheet
ii.         Marked examination scripts
iii.        The newsletter

Application for admission into JS1 in the 2017/18 session

This is to inform parents that the sale of entrance application forms for admission into JS1 in the 2017/18 academic session will commence on Monday, 19 December 2016.

Interested parents are advised to visit any branch of First Bank (Nig.) PLC for payment and application details. Payment can also be made through the Interswitch platform at  Kindly be availed of the following details:

Application fee:          ₦7,500

Examination date:       Saturday, 8 April 2017

Closing date:               Saturday, 8 April 2017

Examination venues:   Ibadan venue: Distance Learning CBT Centre, Ajibode-Sasa Road,Off UI-Ojoo Road, Ibadan

                                   Lagos venue: Speedwriting House, 16 Ajanaku Street, Off Salvation Army Bus Stop, Awuse Estate, Opebi, Ikeja

Time:                           9.00 am

Past Questions & Answers: Hardcopies of past questions and answers are available in the school for interested candidates at ₦1,000 only

Further enquiries can be made by calling Mr. Femi Ogundoro on 08060226663

Payment of School Fees

Parents/Guardians are to note the following:

  • School fees for the 2nd Term 2016/2017 session are as follows:

JS1-SS2: Staff: ₦51,600.00   Non-Staff: ₦71,600.00

These are to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2005514731;

  • Boarding fee: ₦120,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2002142106
  • Boarding Supervision fee: ₦2,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2017593645;
  • Boarder Lesson fee: JS1-3 (₦10,200) and SS1 (₦12,700.00) to be paid into First Bank Account 2017593645
  • ICT fee: ₦8,000.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2017816821. This fee is optional and is meant to be paid by parents who want their ward(s) to be part of the extra tution (tutorials) in programmes like Microsoft Word, Adobe, Dreamweaver, Coreldraw, etc;
  • All duplicate bank tellers are to be forwarded to the school for the issuance of receipts. Scanned copies or photocopies are not acceptable;
  • Parents interested in online payment can do so. For such payments, please ensure that the narration of payment includes the name and class of your child and the purpose of the lodgement e.g. Akinlade Qudus, JS2A: School fees

Akanmu David, JS2B: Boarding fees

The payment report/cyber receipt which will be generated online, should be saved and sent as an attachment to The payment will be acknowledged by the issuance of receipt, which concerned parents can pick up from the Accounts Unit of the school.

h.   As discussed at the last PTA meeting, a new payment solution via student portal is in the

            process of being deployed for the use of interested parents. Payment of school fees can

            now be done by visiting our website at This will be operational by the  

             last week in December.   

       i.   All JS3 and SS3 students are expected to have made full payment of requisite fees at the 

            beginning of the academic session, as a matter of school policy. Any JS3/SS3 student  

            who is indebted to the school shall not be presented for any external examination.


As a matter of policy, fee defaulters will not be allowed passage into the school premises at school resumption. Parents/Guardians are, therefore, advised to pay up their children’s school fees during the school vacation to prevent the avoidable ‘embarrassment’ they are subjected to in the school as a result of non-payment of requisite fees. In doing this, however, we advise parents/guardians to write the name of the child on the bank teller, as depositor, and not the name of the parent/guardian or emissary, please. This is because school records only recognize students’ names.

Cambridge ‘A’ Level Programme

The Cambridge ‘A’ Level Programme is on course. Admission is available for candidates with a minimum of five combinable ‘O’ Level credits (including English Language and Mathematics) and a minimum of C6 in each of the candidate’s combinable subjects. Applications for October /November 2017 admission are at present being processed. For more details, please contact F. O. Oluwatope on 08060226663, 07062382244

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Registration for the May/June 2017 examination has begun. SS2 and SS3 students are advised to avail themselves of this opportunity. The certificate awarded is that of the University of Cambridge and is accepted in Universities, worldwide.

The SAT classes are available for students who are interested in studying in the USA. SAT 1 is English Language and Mathematics. Interested parents can contact Mr. O. Ogunwande on 08038560040 for further details.

The School Promotion Criteria 

SS classes: 5 credits including English Language and Mathematics

JS classes: 7 credits including English Language and Mathematics

Parents/Guardians are advised to continually charge their children/wards to strive towards meeting up with these criteria so as to earn promotion to the next class. New students are particularly advised to note this.

Late-coming to school by day students

Inspite of the continuous sensitization against late-coming, a significant proportion of our day students still come late to school. This issue was discussed at the last PTA congress meeting which held in the school on Saturday, 19 November 2016. It was unanimously agreed that latecomers be sent back home. The school may drop such latecomers at home but the parents will be charged, accordingly. For noting, latecomers are students who arrive school after 8.00am. However, they will be given a 30minute period of grace while those who arrive after 8.30am will be sent back home.

Swimming and Taekwando Lessons

Swimming training shall commence in January for interested students. It will hold every Wednesday at the University Swimming Pool under the tutelage of a swimming coach. Parents who desire their children to be part of this arrangement are to pay a sum of ₦15,000. Also Taekwando lessons will commence in January, as well, at a fee of ₦5,000 per student per term, excluding the Taekwondo gear which costs ₦4,000 only. Taekwondo training shall hold every Thursday between 2.00 and 3.00pm. Payment should also be made into First Bank Account No. 2017816821.

Students’ Dress Code (School uniform and shoes, housewears for boarders)

Many of our students still wear school uniforms and housewears they have overgrown. We shall continue to send such students home (if day students) and disallow from attending classes (if boarding) until parents make replacements. Once again, girls’ gowns should not be tight-fitting and should cover their knees while boys’ knickers should end at the beginning of the knee-cap. The senior boys are not permitted to come to school in jeans or tightly sewn trousers otherwise known as pencil. The recommended colour of shoes is pure black without traces of any other colour, even white. The sole of shoes should be black, as well. Socks can either be white or black. Ankle socks are not allowed.  Shoes should be flat and not high heeled or bogus. Boots are not allowed. Shoes and socks which do not conform will be confiscated.

Driving within the school premises

Parents who drive into the school premises are to note the following, and comply, please:

  • Learners/underage drivers are not allowed
  • No hooting: Some parents are in the habit of hooting around the school premises to find their children. This practice is not acceptable, please. Generally, there should be no hooting within the premises. Even, when students are crossing or walking by the road, kindly slow down or wait for them instead of hooting. Assist us in maintaining our serene school environment, please.
  • Speed limit is 15km/hr
  • All parents/visitors to the school during official hours of 8am-3pm are to use the visitors car park
  • Kindly obey our security personnel and let us be courteous and respect one another while driving
  • All vehicles going out of the school premises before 6.30am and after 7.00pm would be subjected to checks.
  • All motorists are advised to co-operate with our security personnel and obey them, as they discharge their duties, particularly regarding traffic control.


Registration for the summer excursion programme to Dubai, UK, France, USA (Disneyland) and Canada is on course. Interested parents are to contact the Mr. Femi Ogundoro on 0806662223 for details.

Exeat for boarding students

Inspite of repeated caution, some parents of some boarding students do request to take their children out of school for socials and embassy appearance in the course of the term and even during examination. This category of parents would fix embassy appearance for their children who are in school without recourse to the school calendar of activities. We reiterate again that this is not allowed, please. Once again, we advise all parents of our students, either day or boarding, to be familiarized with our termly calendar of activities and be guided by same, please. 

Seasons Greetings from the Chair of the Parent Teacher Association – Barrister K.O.O. Olaniyan

On behalf of the entire members of the PTA, we send season’s greetings to all our dear parents/guardians and wish everyone the best of the season and a glorious 2017. We look forward to our meeting with all parents in the coming 2nd Term on Saturday, 18 March 2017 by the grace of God. Kindly expect to receive a follow-up SMS to this effect, as well. We also thank all parents/guardians for your support in the outgoing year and pray that God will continue to bless you all.

Calendar of activities for the Second Term

Duration of Second Term: 13weeks (Tuesday, 10 January – Thursday, 10 March 2017)

Sunday, 8 & Monday, 9 January, 2017: Boarders resume for the Second Term

Tuesday, 10 January, 2017: Classes begin

Thursday, 16 February, 2017: School closes for the Mid-Term Break

Friday, 17 – Monday, 20 February, 2017: Mid-Term Break

PTA Congress Meeting: Saturday, 18 March 2017

Monday, 20 - Friday, 31 March, 2017: Second Term Examination

Friday, 7 April, 2017: School Vacates

Saturday, 8 April – Sunday, 30 April 2017: 3week period of vacation

Sunday, 30 April & Monday, 1 May, 2017: Boarders check into the hostels

Tuesday, 2 May 2017: School resumes for the Third Term 2016/2017 Academic Session



Dr. M.B. Malik