We express gratitude to the Almighty God for the grace to conclude the 2020/21 session successfully. We also appreciate the cooperation of our parents and guardians.

Third Term Package

a. Newsletter to Parents/Guardians

b. End of Term Report Sheet

c. Marked Examination Scripts of each Subject


· Late Engr Olufemi Ketiku Award for the Best Student in Technical Drawing (SSS2) is awarded to Lawal Gbolahan King (82%)

· The Olamide Oladeji cash prize for the best students in Physics and Further Mathematics (SSS1 and SSS2). The following students are the recipients of the award.

i. Awoyade Boluwatife (96%): Best Student in Physics (SSS1)

ii. Adetunji Victor (98%): Best Student in Further Mathematics (SSS1)

iii. Dokpesi Aakifah (89%): Best Student in Physics (SSS2)

iv. Lawal Gbolahan King (94.3%): Best Student in Further Mathematics (SSS2)

This award is named after a proud alumnus of ISI with dual master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and in Technology and Policy at MIT, Massachusetts, USA. He recently developed several underlying algorithms for the Reference Electrification Model (REM), a computational model to provide support for electrification planning for increased electricity access in developing countries.

· Late Archdeacon Jonathan Abiodun Iluyomade cash prize for best students in History and Literature-in-English (SSS1 and SSS2) was awarded to the following students:

i. Fashola Joy (86%): Best student in History (SSS1)

ii. Obasola Oreoluwa (85%): Best student in Literature-in-English (SSS1)

iii. Ogunleye Covenant (91%): Best student in History (SSS2)

iv. Omolola Toniloba (77%): Best student in Literature-in-English (SSS2)

· The Fajembola cash prize for the best students in Basic Science (JSS2 and JSS3) was awarded to the following students:

i. Maitanmi Kanyinsola (98): Best student in Basic Science (JSS2)

ii. Ajani Oluwasemilore (93): Best student in Basic Science (JSS3)

Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC) Recommendation

At the SDC meeting held on 28th July, 2021, Eniola Nehemotallah (SSS1) was found guilty of being involved in examination malpractice and was therefore recommended to repeat the class (SSS1) for 2021/22 academic session.

Payment of School Fees

Parents/Guardians are to note the following:

a. School fees for first term 2021/22 session are as follows:

JSS1, JSS2, SSS1 and SSS2: Staff: 61,750.00 Non-Staff: 81,750.00. These are to be paid into The International School Account 2005514731 at First Bank.

b. Parents/Guardians of JSS3 and SSS3 students are reminded to complete payment for first, second and third terms on or before resumption. The details are as follows:

JSS3: Staff: ₦175,750.00; Non-staff: ₦235,750.00

SSS3: Staff: ₦182,750.00; Non-staff: ₦242,750.00

c. Parents/Guardians of JSS3 and SSS3 students are to note that school fees payment for first, second and third terms must be made before the registration of any external examination. Any student who fails to make the payment for the three terms will not be registered for any external examination.

d. PTA Levy: N2,000.00 per session to be paid into ISI PTA account 2005497814 at First Bank

e. Boarding Fee: ₦162,200.00 to be paid into First Bank Account No. 2002142106 or Zenith Bank Boarding House Account No. 1214084745

f. Boarding Supervision Fee:N2,500.00 to be paid into ISI Boarder Parents Forum Account 2017593645 at First Bank

g. Boarders Lesson Fee: JSS (N10,200.00); SSS (N12,700.00) to be paid into ISI Boarder Parents Forum Account Number 2017593645 at First Bank.

h. ICT Fee: N8,000 to be paid into ISI IGR Account 2017816821 at First Bank. This fee is optional and is meant to be paid by parents/guardians who want their children/wards to be part of the extra tuition (tutorials) in programmes like Microsoft Word, Adobe, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw and so on.

i. Important Information on Payments:

i. All original and duplicate bank tellers showing appropriate cash lodgement are to be brought to the School for the issuance of receipts. Scanned copies are not acceptable.

ii. Printed teller slips are to be photocopied and both original and photocopy must be brought to the School for the issuance of receipts.

iii. Parents/Guardians interested in online payment can do so by using their bank mobile app or internet banking platform. For such payments, please ensure that the narration of payment includes the name and class of your child/ward and the purpose of the lodgement (e.g. Agaba Christy, JSS 2A; School fees; Adamu Saul, JSS 2B, Boarding Fees).

i. Kindly note that we do not accept payments by USSD codes.

Holiday Extension/GCE Classes for Prospective SSS3 Students (2021/22 Session)

All SSS3 students are expected to commence their extension classes on Monday, 9th August, 2021. Hostel facilities are available from Sunday, 8th August till Sunday, 5th September, 2021. The classes shall start on 09/08/2021 and end on 3/09/2021. Any day student who desires to be in the hostel during this period is free to do so. However, a letter must be written to the principal. Details of requisite charges are in the table below.





First Bank Acc. No.

Zenith Bank Acc. No.

Amount Payable (N)


All students







Supervision Fee





Note: Every student must present the receipt of payment before he/she is admitted into the dormitory.

Information for Outgoing SSS3 Students (2020/21 Session)

All SSS3 students who are in the hostel and wish to stay till the end of their WASSCE are expected to pay the following boarding fee:

a. Students writing NECO SSCE and are also interested in staying in the hostel for their WASSCE (31st July – 30th September 2021) are to pay N113,000.00 into First bank acc. No. 2002142106 OR Zenith bank acc. No. 1214084745.

b. Students staying in the hostel for WASSCE alone (14th August – 30th September, 2021) are to pay N88,000.00 into First bank acc. No. 2002142106 OR Zenith bank acc. No. 1214084745.

c. Boarding supervision fee of N2,500.00 to be paid into First bank Acc. No. 2017593645.

Note: Every student must present the receipt of payment before he/she is admitted into the dormitory.

Information for JSS3 students on BECE (2020/21 session)

All JSS3 students interested in the boarding facilities during their BECE should take note of the requisite charges below. Any day student who desires to be in the hostel during this period is free to do so. However, a letter must be written to the principal to that effect.





First Bank Acc. No.

Zenith Bank Acc. No.

Amount Payable (N)


All students







Supervision Fee





Note: Every student must present the receipt of payment before he/she is admitted into the dormitory.

Placement into SS1 Classes/Counselling schedule for JSS3 students (2020/21 session)

Parents/Guardians of the JSS3 students of 2020/21 session should take note of the schedule of counselling session with the School Counsellor. This is necessary to discuss the choice of class of each student before such student is placed in the appropriate class. Parents/Guardians are expected to meet the School Counsellor in company of their child/ward on specified days between 9AM and 2PM. The schedule is as follows:

a. All boarder students: 7th and 8th Sept., 2021.

b. JSS3A – JSS3D: 10th, 11th, 12th August, 2021.

c. JSS3E – JSS3H: 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th August, 2021.

Morning and Afternoon Classes for SSS2 and SSS3 Classes

Extension classes for the SSS2 and SSS3 students will continue upon resumption. In view of this, all SSS2 and SSS3 students are expected to resume for early morning classes in school at 7AM. Afternoon classes shall commence at 3PM. A timetable to this effect will be released immediately school resumes in September. Students are strongly advised to be present and punctual. Extension classes for SSS1 students will commence by the second term of the session.

List of Books for 2021/22 Session

The list of books for the 2021/22 session has been released on the school website. Parents/Guardians are enjoined to check the school website. Sale of books will commence on Monday, 9th August, 2021. The Bookshop will be opened as follows:

Monday – Thursday – 9.30am – 2PM

Friday – 9.30am – 12noon

Summer Hybrid School

Please be informed that this new concept of Summer Hybrid School is a modern, an inclusive and an extensive coaching to prepare the junior students (JSS1-3) for their next classes. The Summer Hybrid School starts on Wed., 4th – Tue., 31st August, 2021 in the school premises. For more enquiries, contact Mr. Olanihun A.P. on 08030738405.

Opportunity to attend UNESCO Conference

Every year, students from all over the world attend the NATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE in New York. There, they represent a country at a simulation of a UN Conference. It is a world class learning experience. Every child gets a certificate of participation, opportunities for internships with the UN, winning awards and so on. Parents who wish to avail their wards of this opportunity should contact Mr Femi Ogundoro on 08060226663.

Cambridge ‘A’ Level Programme

The Cambridge ‘A’ Level programme is on course. Admission is available for candidates with a minimum of five combinable ‘O’ Level credits (including English Language and Mathematics) and a minimum of C6 in each of the candidate’s combinable subjects. For more details, contact F.O. Oluwatope on 08069280164 or 08055060216 or visit admissions.isi.ui.edu.ng

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

The IGCSE classes will continue during the holiday. Interested students in SSS3 should take note of this. Parents who desire to avail their wards of this opportunity are to call Mr. E.T. Ayodele on 08055471527 for further enquiries.

Coming Late to School

Few students still come late to school in spite of the continuous sensitisation against this. All students are expected to be in school latest 8AM and be part of the daily morning assembly.

We have discovered that the late-coming of students to school is mostly caused by parents. Consequently, we plead with parents who drop their children in school daily to be alive to this responsibility and ensure they drop them in school early.

Information on School Examinations

Henceforth, students are required to wear black sandals only during examinations in school. Any other footwear (including flip-flops) worn by any student will be seized at the gatepost and confiscated thereafter.

Student’s Dress Code (School Uniform and Shoes; House Wears for Boarders)

A handful of our students still come to school in uniforms and house wears they have outgrown. We have been sending such students home (day students) while boarders are not allowed in classes until parents/guardians make replacements. Girls’ gowns should not be tight-fitting and should cover their knees while boys’ shorts should be in the range of the knee cap. Senior boys are not permitted to come to school in jeans or tightly-sewn trousers otherwise known as ‘pencil’. The recommended colour of shoes is black; no other colour is allowed. The sole of shoes should be black as well. Only white or black pairs of socks are allowed. Ankle socks are not allowed. Shoes should be flat and not high-heeled. Boots are not allowed. Shoes and socks that do not conform to the school rules and regulations will be confiscated. Boys’ haircut should be very low and even and girls on afro must have their haircut even. Other styles of haircut apart from this are not allowed in the School.

Electronic Gadgets in School

In spite of repeated warnings to our students to desist from bringing electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets, laptop computers and so on to school, a handful of our students still bring them. This is a reminder to parents that the school will not return any seized gadget. The seized items will be donated during Charity Programme to the less privileged.

Boarders Dining Etiquette

As a matter of necessity, each boarder student should resume to school with sufficient cutlery. No boarder will be allowed to lend or borrow any type of cutlery.

Inter-School Awards

i. At the Junior Achievers’ Regional Company (RCOY) competition, fifteen (15) schools, including ISI, qualified for this competition. ISI was represented by Adetunji Victor; Adegbola Angel (SSS1); Olasunkanmi Joshua; Olowe Pamilerin; Ajayi Samuel and Adigun Praises (SSS2) and they performed wonderfully well. Our students took the overall 2nd position in the competition.

ii. The Department of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management, University of Ibadan, in commemoration of the World Biodiversity Day, organised debate and quiz competitions on 21 May, 2021. Ten (10) schools including ISI were invited and ISI was represented by Olatunji Toluwanimi; Olawuyi Matthew; Oyediran Abdulrahman and Oyaromade Temiloluwa (all in SS3) and they made the School proud. Our students took the first (1st) position in the quiz competition and the 2nd position in the debate competition.

iii. At the Spelling Bee organised by Student Guide at Ibadan Civic Centre on 27 May, 2021, Isaac Odunayo and Bolaji Adejumo (both in JS3) represented ISI against nineteen (19) other schools. Our students got the 2nd runner-up position.

iv. At the Educational Conference 1442 A.H/2021 CE organised by MSSN Akinyele Area Council which featured quiz, debate, oratory and essay competitions and Qur’an recitation among several secondary students held at Trenchard Hall, UI, the following ISI students won the following awards:

a. Hussain Nurudeen Opeyemi (JSS3): 1st position in Junior Quiz competition

b. Atanda Fareedah (JSS2): 3rd position in Oratory/Debate competition

c. Yusuff Azeeza (SSS2): 3rd position in Senior Quiz competition

The School commends these students for the feat and encourages other students to make excellence their hallmark.


Donations from our parents, staff and alumni this session have been simply overwhelming. The School appreciates these kind gestures. Many of these donations are already in the school library. We therefore admonish our students to take advantage of these donations.

Important Dates

Vacation – 30 July, 2021

Resumption First Term (2021/22) – 21 September, 2021

Boarders resume – 19 & 20 September, 2021

Day students resume – 21 September, 2021

Celebration of the School Best Ten in each class – 28 September, 2021

Founder’s Day – 14 October, 2021

From the Desk of the Principal

The principal and the school management wish to appreciate all parents/guardians for their unalloyed support and understanding throughout the 2020/21 academic session. Be assured that we are fully committed to the realisation of the mission and vision of ISI.

Long live ISI.

God bless you.


Phebean O. Olowe