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We thank the Almighty for the grace to conclude this half term successfully. We also appreciate the cooperation of our parents/guardians and pray God will continue to bless them.

Mid-Term Package

a. Newsletter to Parents/Guardians

b. Stint Report Sheet

The School Promotion Criteria

Parents/Guardians are advised to continuously charge their children/wards to strive towards meeting up with the School promotion criteria so as to earn promotion to the next class. New students are particularly advised to take note of the promotion criteria:

· SS Arts students: 5 credits including English Language, Mathematics and any three of the following subjects: Lit-in-Eng; Government; History; IRS/CRS; Visual Art/Music/French; Yoruba; Igbo; Hausa; Biology; Geography and Economics.

· SS Commercial students: 5 credits including English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any two of the following subjects: Financial Account; Commerce; Government; Geography; Biology and Visual Art.

· SS Science students: 5 credits including English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and any of the following subjects: Biology; Geography; Economics; Further Maths; Technical Drawing; Agricultural Science; Food and Nutrition and Visual Art.

· JS students: 7 credits including English Language and Mathematics.

The minimum credit pass is 50% and the school has a standard policy on this. Parents/Guardians are advised to take note of these requirements and encourage their children/wards to study to achieve academic excellence.

Update on the Rotational School

At the board of Governors’ meeting on Wednesday, 10 November, 2020, all parents, staff and students were appreciated for cooperating with the rotational school in spite of their busy schedule. The Board appeal to all stakeholders that status quo be maintained in order to ensure social distancing and other COVID-19 directives. The fact that some schools now operate with the pre-COVID-19 school arrangement does not mean ISI should do likewise because the Government’s directive has not changed on social distancing as well as rotational school. It has become very necessary to follow all directives in view of the current change in weather and the rise in the reported cases of COVID-19 all over the world.

We, therefore, plead with all parents, staff and students to fully cooperate with the School as we put all hands on deck to achieve an optimum academic excellence. The Board of Governors shall convene to review the rotation school arrangement again before the second term.

Review of the Third Term School Fee (2019/20 Session)

At the Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday, 10 November, 2020, a downward review of thirty percent (30%) was granted. This means our esteemed parents are expected to pay only 70 percent of the third term school fees for the previous session (2019/20 session). In line with this review, students are expected to pay N39,200.00 (for staff) and N53,200.00 (for non-staff).

JSS1 Students

Parents/Guardians of this category of students, particularly day students, are advised to create time for their children/wards and ensure their notebooks are thoroughly checked each day when they return from school. The students also need to be guided in doing their assignments, and turning in same on time. The JSS1 students, not too long ago, were admitted into the secondary school and still need a lot of supervision to excel in their academics. This task should not be left to the school alone. Therefore, the home needs to be alive to this duty/responsibility, to complement the effort of the School in the developmental progress of the students.

Coming Late to School

We have noticed that a few pockets of students come late to school. Parents/Guardians are reminded that the School frowns upon late coming. Students who come late are at a disadvantage as they miss classes. Parents/Guardians are reminded that the first period starts 8AM for our JSS1-3 students and 12:30PM for our SSS1-3 students (10:30AM on Friday). We, therefore, urge and appeal, once again, to parents/guardians of our day students to ensure that students get to school as early as applicable.

Student’s Dress Code

A handful of our students still come to school in uniforms and house wears they have outgrown. We have been sending such students home (day students) while boarders are not allowed in classes until parents/guardians make replacements. Girls’ gowns should not be tight-fitting and should cover their knees while boys’ shorts should be in the range of the knee cap. Senior boys are not permitted to come to school in jeans or tightly-sewn trousers otherwise known as ‘pencil’. The recommended colour of shoes is black; no other colour is allowed. The sole of shoes should be black as well. Only white and black pairs of socks are allowed. Ankle socks are not allowed. Shoes should be flat and not high-heeled. Boots are not allowed. Shoes and socks that do not conform to the school rules and regulations will be confiscated. Boys’ haircut should be very low and even and girls on afro must have their haircut even. Other styles of haircut apart from this are not allowed in the School.

Electronic Gadgets in School

In spite of repeated warnings to our students to desist from bringing electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets, laptop computers and so on to school, a handful of our students still bring them. This is a reminder to parents that the School will not return any seized gadget. The seized items will be donated during Charity Programme to the less privileged.

The ISI Mobile NewsApp

All school related information can be found on ISI NewsApp. Parents/guardians should cultivate the habit of regularly checking this App to keep abreast of developments in the school. The NewsApp can be downloaded on the school website (www.isi.ui.edu.ng).

Cambridge ‘A’ Level Programme

The Cambridge ‘A’ Level programme is on course. Admission is available for candidates with a minimum of five combinable ‘O’ Level credits (including English Language and Mathematics) and a minimum of C6 in each of the candidate’s combinable subjects. For more details, contact F.O. Oluwatope on 08069280164 or 08055060216.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Registration for SAT has commenced and classes are ongoing. Interested parents are to contact Mr. Akinsooto, D. on 08034817088 or Mr. Ogunfowokan, O.O. on 08065913752.


i. Eight books were donated for the teaching staff of the School by KayShow Publishers. They include: Nitori Owo by Akinwumi Ishola; Moremi Ajasoro by Debo Awe; Oro Enu Akewi by Ayomide Akanji; The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka; Fences by August Wilson; A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare; Unexpected Joy at Dawn by Alex Agyei Agyiri and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

ii. Donations made to the School library include:

1. “Basic Environment Heals for Schools” (1 copy) by Godson Anna R.E.E

2. “The Focal Point Physics Questions and Answers” (3 copies) by Oyelade, T.O.

3. “Complete Physical and Health Education” for junior schools 1-3 (2 copies for each class) by Alabi, B.A. et al

The School sincerely appreciates this donation.

Important Dates

November Visiting Day for Boarders - 21 November, 2020

First Term Examination - 7 December – 18 December, 2020

Vacation - 18 December, 2020

Resumption for 2nd term - 12 January, 2021

Boarders resume - 10 and 11 January, 2021

Day students resume - 12 January, 2021

Thank you and God bless.


Phebean O. Olowe